Majestic Media Solutions introduces you to a revolutionary suite of tools for effective marketing and efficient management of your business.

Automate your digital marketing strategy from the palm of your hand through our streamlined app.


We make it simple to create multi-channel advertisements that will expand your business and maximize profits. Cement your local presence and expand your reach globally, all while catapulting sales.

Simply create an advertisement on your tablet, laptop, or mobile device and our team will handle the rest.  


Majestic Media closely monitors and recommends adjustments to your ad messages to adhere to the guidelines of each platform. This saves you time and money by avoiding having to tailor your ads to each platform’s word limits, algorithms, and sizing.

Simply invest in the quantity of ad impressions and watch our marketing technology deliver results. We will calculate the optimal platforms to reach your future customers, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, CNN, Forbes, and more.


Once your targeted advertisement has been reviewed and posted for you within 24 hours, the app will automatically perform the following several tasks:

  1. Track leads funnelled in, including options to create follow-ups. A Simple and intuitive ad creation and virtual gem management system which seamlessly tracks leads funneled in.

  2. Provide you with detailed analytics of each lead's action steps and engagement history within a simple-to-use CRM platform.

  3. Virtually pin your high quality AD to a location of your choice to promote your business on internet-connected devices around the globe.

  4. Design landing pages and digital business cards to share with future clients and communicate with your customers.

  5. A content file sharing feature and the ability to chat, call, log and track all client and team communication all within one platform.

  6. Ad creation on laptops and mobile devices. Ad library for storing, tracking, and sharing your ADs and virtual Gem management.

  7. Landing page features on laptop: capture capability, video, picture, text boxes and redirect link buttons.