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M. Yoon, CEO-Owner of Nirvana Wellness Center

I have had the continued privilege of utilising proximity digital marketing since November 2017, to manage and advertise my multiple businesses. I recently opened a Mind, Body, and Soul healing center and of course, I instituted this forward focused and easy to implement marketing system and put it work for this new venture.


The ability to manage and create targeted ad campaigns right from my mobile device is an absolute time saver. This technology offers me an ingenious way and the ability to track my business on a minute by minute basis without unnecessary interruptions to my daily workflow.

Running a wellness center required my undivided attention to my clients. This system allows me to manage many crucial aspects of my business and readily connect with my clients from one platform. This has been an incredible time and money saving investment that continues to amaze me with the many features and benefits. This is a marketing system that is a perfect investment for a multitude of small businesses, organizations, and solopreneurs.

M. Yoon
CEO-Owner of Nirvana Wellness Center
San Antonio, Texas, USA


Mr. Roberto, GPS Premier Solutions


I have a technology handicap and a limited understanding of social media marketing. I was introduced to this platform precisely as a means to allow me a non-intimidating alternate way to manage, advertise and organise my Network marketing business. I started off with learning how to create and use the digital business card feature followed by lead follow ups.

The quick responses from leads and the analytics that I was able to view right from my cell phone, were a huge eye opener and a very welcome reality. The app is so easy to figure out and use that I am now able to create effective ads which have great responses and positive results. The content feature allows me to share materials with my team, chat and schedule follow ups all while keeping track of each team members activity when they add the app for a very reasonable monthly subscription fee. This technology and app are a business game changer for my team and myself.

Mr. Roberto, GPS Premier Solutions