What are a few factors that are my company's greatest hindrance to growth and profitability?


Given the diversity of both customer needs and expectations, and the vast variety of avenues to provide products and or services by a myriad of business models, balancing the two is a challenge.

With that in mind, as a consumer and a business owner, my challenge then is how to move my business forward with relevance in this rapidly changing technology focused promotional marketing reality.

Second, my lack of understanding and consequential inability to educate myself on the newest technology skill set at a rapid pace that keeps in step with the latest in consumer shopping choices, trending advertising methods and revolutionary products/services designed for our modernised lifestyles.

The traditional ways of doing business are more familiar and easily learned from many corners. The new social media and web based methods are illusive to those of us who are not yet adequately versed on the digital knowledge frontier. There is no escaping the digital takeover of traditional business methods.

However, I believe the historical business management systems are still the bedrock of tomorrow's technology continued metamorphosis. I am still hopeful that I will eventually master the required technology skills to compete competitively, moving forward. There is certainly a wide variety of web based avenues to learn from the palm of my hand and in the comfort of my home or office.

What a thrilling time to be a business owner in this age of technological advances.

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